Conceive Quicker Group Training – fertility charting for pregnancy


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Fertility charting made simple so you can conceive faster!


The only days pregnancy is possible is the few days around ovulation.
By reading the signs of your body (basal body temperature and cervical fluid) we can see what days are fertile!





4x 1 hour live session (Group sessions)

22nd April 2023 – 11am-12pm AEST
Session 1 – The Sympto-thermal Method

– The sympto-thermal method and how it works
– How your period hormone will help you conceive
– When pregnancy is possible and when it isn’t (fertile window)

22nd April 2023 – 1pm-2pm AEST
Session 2 – Charting BBT in an app

– How to track your basal body temperature (BBT) orally or with Tempdrop
– Recognising ovulation using your BBT chart
– Using Read Your Body app to log and interpret your BBT

23rd April 2023 – 11am-12pm AEST
Session 3 – Cervical mucus

– How to recognise when cervical mucus means you’re fertile
– Tracking cervical mucus in your app
– Knowing the best days for conception in real time

23rd April 2023 – 1pm-2pm AEST
Session 4 – Identify your own fertile window

– Using calculation to open and close your fertile window confidently
– How to interpret your charts and identify which days are fertile for you
– Know which days are not fertile so you don’t have to ‘try’ more than necessary
– Q&A

Sessions will be recorded for you to watch back any time.

Follow up call(s)
You will receive 1-2 follow up calls, depending what you need.
In these sessions we will:

– Review your chart(s)
– Identify if/when you ovulated
– Assess if the length of your luteal (after ovulation) phase gives optimal chances of pregnancy
– Answer any questions you have

1 review for Conceive Quicker Group Training – fertility charting for pregnancy

  1. Karleigh

    This course is such an eye opening and rewarding experience. It completely exceeded my expectations and I learnt so much about myself and my body which has helped me SO much with navigating my cycles, understanding my fertility and hormones.
    Demi is so encouraging and really invests the time to not only teach you the information, but she also helps you apply it to your individual situation. She helps you understand what is happening within your body and also goes the extra mile to help with steps moving forward of how to maximise your fertility and hormone health.
    So glad I did this and I think it’s such a useful tool to any woman.

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