Let's empower students to
celebrate their bodies!

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We spend 6.1 years of our life bleeding!

Let's make it an empowering 6.1 years.

We’re providing students with the education we all WISHED we learned in school.

Hi I'm Demi!

I’m the founder of Bright Girl Health.. but I’m also:

  • A high school teacher
  • An Author (The Bright Girl Guide)
  • A menstrual health educator
  • Someone who has embarrassed themselves on TikTok
  • A fan or Harry Styles (relatable) and running (less relatable)

Bright Girl Health school presentations

  • Face-to-face and online presentations (2 of each)
  • Teaching students what they need to know about the full experience of having a period (and all the stuff our health teachers didn’t tell us!)
  • Includes resources for parents and teachers
  • Includes free period products for students (pads, tampons, period undies, reusable pads)


  • Year 6 – 12 (sometimes year 5)
  • Government & non-government schools
  • Female students (or students who identify as female OR students who don’t identify as female but menstruate)
  • Australia-wide
  • We also cater for rural/remote schools

Studies have identified the need for more in depth, comprehensive period education... but we're the only ones doing it!

Students need more support with their period…

  • They’re missing school and falling behind
  • They feel alone in their experiences
  • Their concerns or symptoms are brushed off 
  • They can’t access period products when they need them
  • They skip sport or social activities for fear of leaking/embarrassment
  • The diagnosis delay for endometriosis is 7-10 years

And teachers say they need more help from experts addressing these issues!

The REAL impact!

Student messages

Our waiting list

These schools are waiting for funding to access menstrual health education:

215 schools (about 55 rural schools)

5 non school groups (sporting groups, clubs)

This represents an estimated 15,000 students Australia-wide

Your sponsorship

Your sponsorship money would connect schools with Bright Girl Health presentations, including all teacher and parent resources, and period products.

Many schools are not allocated the budget to host a presentation like this.


Stay connected

We’ll provide you with monthly updates of what schools you’ve sponsored, including the number of students impacted so you can tell the world about the difference you’re making!

We can make some magic together online too!

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