Protected: Mastering Tempdrop: Your Complete Guide to Proper Placement

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Is Tempdrop accurate? A simple guide to how it works

Is Tempdrop accurate? The Tempdrop gets a very accurate BBT reading because it takes thousands of measurements during your sleep with its thermometer and accelerometer. It analysing this data to retrieve the most accurate temperature for charting – accurate and easy to use! The thermometer measures your sleeping auxiliary temperature  from your auxiliary artery under […]
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Can teenagers use a menstrual cup? In short YES, but there is a more important question...
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Your Teen’s First Period: A Guide for Parents

Navigating your tween or teen's first period can be challenging, but it's a vital part of their growth and development. By starting the conversation early, providing accurate information, preparing a period kit, encouraging open communication, and being supportive, you can help your daughter navigate this significant time in their life with confidence and ease.
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