Is Tempdrop safe?

Is Tempdrop safe? What about EMFs?

The Tempdrop is safe to use as part of your daily routine.
Concerned about EMFs? Tempdrop only emits bluetooth signal for a few seconds when turned on, or when you are manually syncing it to your device. Tempdrop uses such a low energy signal – about 100 times lower than your phone!
The Tempdrop doesn’t emit EMFs while you’re wearing it throughout the night.

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Tempdrop's official safety statement:

This is a statement from the Tempdrop website:

Is Tempdrop safe? Tempdrop is perfectly safe. Tempdrop only transmits a Bluetooth signal in the first 30 seconds when being turned on and when you remove the device from your body and manually initiate syncing. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 to transmit data, which is a very low energy signal (approximately 1000x less than a cell phone). Syncing is only 1-2 minutes per day.

Tempdrop is powered by a standard coin cell type watch battery while it is being worn and recording. 

Finally, Tempdrop is made from medical grade materials and has FCC and CE certifications. There is no Nickle in the metal sensor.”

How does Tempdrop work?

The Tempdrop is a wearable thermometer that is worn just under the armpit.
It is designed to help you get an accurate basal body temperature (BBT) reading for ovulation tracking and fertility charting.

When tracking BBT with an oral thermometer, you’d usually have to have 3-4 hours of uninterrupted sleep. You also need to take your oral BBT at the exact same time every day in order to get a reliable reading.
But many people don’t have regular sleep schedules.

The Tempdrop thermometer is perfect for people with irregular sleep schedules (shift workers, mums who are feeding bubs during the night, etc.)
It constantly takes your temperature during the night using its sensors that sit against the skin inside your arm (just under your armpit). The Tempdrop algorithm is able to learn and filter out your sleeping patterns and disturbances (eg: getting up to feed a baby, waking in the middle of the night, changing positions, etc.). It then gives you an accurate BBT reading. This will allow you to track you BBT and identify ovulation even with the most irregular of sleep patterns.

The Tempdrop syncs with your phone and imports your temps to the Tempdrop app – which is a free app! You can also sync your Tempdrop with popular charting apps of your choice like Read Your Body. Syncing also places your temperatures into a chart for you. They make it really easy!

Note: Tempdrop advises that users who are trying to avoid pregnancy should use their Tempdrop for 1 cycle before using their Tempdrop temps within a fertility awareness method. This helps to ensure you’re using your Tempdrop correctly. In this time you can use other fertility signs to determine your fertile window OR use barrier methods (confirm with your FAM trainer what your best pathway would be).

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Who is Tempdrop best for?

If you’re someone with an irregular sleep schedule, you’re up during the night, or you can’t record your temp at the same tome each morning, Tempdrop makes it possible for you to track BBT!
I love that it makes cycle tracking more inclusive and accessible to more people.

I love that it makes cycle tracking more inclusive and accessible to more people!

The Tempdrop is perfect for people who:

  • Want a thermometer that does all the work for them (including sending your temps to your phone)
  • Do shift work
  • Have insomnia
  • Are up with children during the night
  • Breastfeed during the night
  • Cannot get 3-4 hours of uninterrupted sleep
  • Cannot take their BBT at the same time every morning 


Is Tempdrop worth the money?

The Tempdrop is a worthwhile investment because it allows you track your cycle even with irregular sleep patterns.
The Tempdrop will be priceless for you if you’re someone who wouldn’t usually be able to track your BBT because of irregular sleep schedules.
If you don’t have irregular sleep patterns, you don’t necessarily need to spend the money, but all of Tempdrop‘s features will make charting easier for you! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

After using this for many cycles, I thought it was worth the money and that the price was more than reasonable for what it does, how accurate it is, and the customer service/help/tech support they offer.

Tempdrop are constantly updating and improving their features and adding NEW features, so you get more for you money as time goes on. When I got my Tempdrop they didn’t have sleep data available. Now, I can see my sleep data on my Tempdrop app – that’s a bonus feature I didn’t expect to have when I originally downloaded the app. As time goes on, the Tempdrop keeps giving! 

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