PERIOD READY KIT – Parent-Teen eCourse & resource kit


EASY-PEASY periods.
No awkward conversations required!

Help your teen/tween begin their period with confidence and make it FUN!
Periods can be embraced as an intelligent function of the body, rather than resented.
Join families around the world 🌍 and register for the  “Period-ready” parent-teen eCourse masterclasses & resource kit.

Perfect for teens/tweens approaching their first period or navigating the first few years of menstruation.

Feel equipped as a parent to support teens to embrace their menstrual cycle confidently and boldly.
With Demi Spaccavento (women’s health educator, teacher and author)

Everyone is welcome – Teens, tweens, mums, dads, grandparents, carers, etc.!

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‘The Bright Girl Guide” ebook
This colourful and informative resource takes the confusion out of the menstrual cycle and helps you to understand how your period can be used to your advantage!
Finally make sense of your period symptoms and interpret what those symptoms may be telling you about what might be going on with your hormones.

Activities and worksheets 
You will receive access to a range of powerful and effective worksheets and activities for deep learning.
Cement the knowledge you learn in the masterclasses by engaging in these resources written by an experienced high school teacher and designed for deep understanding.
These resources are designed to:
– Facilitate conversations between parents and teens
– Reinforce the information learned in the masterclasses
– Encourage critical and creative thinking about periods and hormones, and the biology behind them
– Empower teens to embrace the menstrual cycle as an intelligent function of the body and increase body confidence

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Masterclass 1 – 90 minutes long
Understand the menstrual cycle and what to expect:

  • Reproductive anatomy
  • WHY we even get periods
  • The 4 phases of the menstrual cycle and how we feel physically, mentally and emotionally in each phase
  • How to work WITH hormones, instead of against them
  • Period tracking
  • Ovulation tracking to predict your next period accurately

Masterclass 2 – 90 minutes long
Understand period irregularities and learn tools for balancing your hormones

  • Why period irregularities are common in teens
  • The causes for common period symptoms (PMS, period pain,missing periods, heavy periods)
  • What a typical period should look like
  • How to know when to seek help, and the most effective way to seek professional help for period concerns
  • Nutrition and lifestyle to support a healthy period (exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress management)
  • How to know when to seek help
  • Choosing the menstrual hygiene products that are best for you

10 reviews for PERIOD READY KIT – Parent-Teen eCourse & resource kit

  1. Parent response from BETA testing webinar

    “Very well presented”

  2. Parent response from BETA testing webinar

    “Miss 8 loved it. Miss 12 could answer questions about the content”

  3. Parent response from BETA testing webinar

    “So important to know this from a young age”

  4. Parent response from BETA testing webinar

    “The most helpful was the characters and descriptions assigned to different periods of the ovulation cycle. And it helped me remember as well!”

  5. Parent response from BETA testing webinar

    “Very good for the short time frame”

  6. Parent response from BETA testing webinar

    “Everything I expected to be covered and more.”

  7. Parent response from BETA testing webinar

    “I love that the breakdown of the cycle was illustrated as animals – I found that relatable and visually compelling; loved the discussion about pads, tampons, cups etc – that’s super useful.
    The period tracking – that was super helpful and informative and useful. I wish I’d known all of this when I was younger (and even now!).”

  8. Parent response from BETA testing webinar

    “Great webinar! Thank you!”

  9. Michelle

    This is so awesome. Thank you Demi! Talking about periods (puberty in general) is a great thing to do with kids. Much better than “learning” it from their peers.

  10. Sarah

    My teens are so much more confident about their periods because they have your book (we bought the paper version) and your resources have helped equip me to have empowering conversations with them. Seriously, thank you SO MUCH for this!

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