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“The Bright Girl Guide” book by Demi Spaccavento takes the confusion out of the menstrual cycle and helps you to understand how your period can be used to your advantage! Finally make sense of your period symptoms and interpret what those symptoms may be telling you about what might be going on with your hormones. Learn invaluable insights into your health and hormones!

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‘The Bright Girl Guide’ book by Demi Spaccavento

This book takes the confusion out of the menstrual cycle and helps you to understand how your period can be used to your advantage! Make sense of period symptoms and learn how to interpret what those symptoms may be telling you about your body and your hormones.

As a result of reading this book, women of all ages will learn invaluable insight into their health and hormones and how their physical and emotional health are related to their period.

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You will learn about:

  • Period hormones and their role in menstruation
  • Why we have a period
  • Female reproductive anatomy
  • Ovulation and its role in the menstrual cycle
  • Hormones that control the menstrual cycle
  • The different phases of the menstrual cycle
  • How we feel different throughout the menstrual cycle
  • Interpreting and listening to your body’s signs and symptoms
  • How pregnancy happens
  • When pregnancy can happen (SPOILER: not every day!)
  • Basic principles of fertility awareness
  • Stress management for healthy hormone
  • PMS and period pain
  • Period irregularities
  • Irregular bleeding
  • Determining what is a true period and what is not
  • What to do when you experience period irregularities
  • How to get answers when your period is irregular

Foreword by Nat Kringoudis, Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Acupunture, and Author of ‘Well and Good’, and ‘Beautiful You’.



“Where was this book when I was 12?! At 26 years old and 3 children later, there are things about my menstrual cycle I didnt know!! I LOVED this and am recommending it to everyone I know” – Emily

“This book is such a MAGNIFICENT resource. It is so thorough, so beautifully body positive, and masterfully organized, written, and illustrated” – Cherie, Co-founder of Saaltco

“This book is a masterpiece. It will help teens feel positive and informed about their whole cycle.” – Amber, Co-founder of Saaltco

“I found it easy to read through, super detailed and I loved the super cute illustrations that demonstrates the female body in an elegant way. I would highly recommend this to all girls any aged” – Jess

“A must have for every female. This book will enable you to feel empowered by giving you the information you need to really understand your menstural cycle” – Candice

“This eBook is an absolute gem when it comes to educating girls and women about their health and hormones” – Jacqui

“The Bright Girl Guide is the resource I wish I had access to in high school. Even now at 26, I’m learning things about my body” – Gioenne

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7 reviews for The Bright Girl Guide (Paperback) by Demi Spaccavento

  1. Bright Girl Health

    I am so excited to share this book with you! I have poured so much love and passion into it.
    When I read a similar book a few years ago, I couldn’t put it down because I felt like my life was being changed as I learned new information about my body on every page. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t know this information for 20+ years of my life!
    My hope is that this book will allow you to feel in tune with your body, and fully embrace the positives of having a period!

  2. mia.spaccavento@gmail.com

    This book is such a beautifully made resource that shares so much wisdom about women’s health in a period positive, body loving, celebration of women kind of way! I’m in my thirties and I’m loving the encouraging gems Demi has laid out for all the Bright Girls in the world.

  3. nikkig

    This book should be in the hands of EVERY female. It’s the information we should have been taught in schools and provides so much goodness when it comes to understanding our bodies and menstrual cycles on a deeper level. THANK DEMI for sharing this much needed information to the world!!!

  4. Robyn88

    I wish I had The Bright Girl Guide when I was a teen!!! but even at the age of 30, I’m thankful for all that I have learnt from Demi’s posts and resources. No matter our age, its valuable to know about our bodies and ways to take advantage of our menstural cycle. The layout of the Bright Girl Guide is visually appealing, fun and easy to read. Demi is a creative and gifted communicator who has inspired me to keep learning about female reproductive health (and health in general!) so that I can listen to my body and make wise choices. I really believe Demi is empowering & equipping females of all ages to enjoy learning about and appreciating their bodies. I highly recommend this resource.

  5. Jess L

    This book is amazing! I have learnt so much that I didn’t know before!
    It makes everything so simple and easy to understand. 100% recommend!

  6. Cherie Hoeger

    Demi’s book is a MAGNIFICENT resource. It is so thorough, so beautifully body positive, and masterfully organized, written, and illustrated. I have used it over and over again to teach my 5 daughters and wish I would have had it when I was younger! Demi’s work is hands down the top resource that we recommend to our customers–in fact, we love it so much that we have decided to carry it on our US website at Saaltco.com. Thank you Demi for all you’ve done to empower so many women and girls across the globe. –Cherie Hoeger, Founder of Saalt Period Cups

  7. Abbey

    Received my book last week and sat and read it cover to cover in one sitting!!

    I found it super useful learning about how to tell when your ovulating and when your fertility windows are, which is super useful as I’m coming off the pill after 8 years And loved the animal analogies for different stages of your cycle!

    Get your hands on it girls!

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